For every person, market some colour?

Pink BlueYellowgold VioletRuby IndigoPurple Green

If the 3DS XL came out looking like this at launch with such a nice variety of colours, I’m sure I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

Apple took their time before offering some colour in their iPhone lineup, but finally with the 5c, the whole world (or really, those who know the right choice is an iPhone) had a choice of colours for their phones. (If they didn’t want the 5s, that is.)

But for a longer time, Nintendo has released their own consoles in a variety of colours too. The original DS lite initially shipped in white, and then black, and a few other lovely colours. More recently, the 3DS shipped with Cosmos Black and Aqua Blue (the blue in question isn’t the best of hues). Eventually, a Coral Pink and Ice White version arrived, and then in Japan, Cobalt Blue.

Cobalt Blue never made it outside of Japan (excluding the Fire Emblem 3DS console). As for America, a Midnight Purple 3DS arrived and never left the country.

Now, cue the introduction last month of the Limited Edition Orange x Black and Turquoise x Black 3DS XLs. A month later, and we haven’t heard any word that we’d be getting the colours in question. It’s a shame, because they’re quite eye-catching.

Doesn’t this raise a few questions? Such as, why is Nintendo releasing special-edition colour combinations? Would there not be the want for people to have these nicely-coloured 3DS consoles?

And why weren’t some of these colours and designs released at the very start? It’d give people an outlet to express themselves, and I’m sure the colours would attract people into getting a 3DS themselves. After all, who doesn’t want a handheld console that best expresses them?

Lastly, why are there any market-specific colours? Why is it that you have to be an American to have a Midnight Purple 3DS? Why did the better-than-the-current-blue Cobalt Blue 3DS remain only in Japan?