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Highlights from the Inbox

Woke up to a bit of unfortunate news sitting in my email inbox, but that’s not worth thinking about now. The most exciting thing for the moment follows it…

Those who followed may know I took up hockey for the first time this year. My first forway into team sport ever! Whoo! Since it’s the first time I’ve played hockey, ever, I’ve played from the lower ranks (to those who are somewhat in the know, it’s Metro 3). Throughout the year I’ve taken it up to learn what I’ve needed and brush up my skills. (Spoiler: I’ve gotten better, but I’m still not good.) Through some stroke of luck (and some great team skills within my team) we’ve managed to make it through to the Grand Finals. I’m being pressured by the team into making sure I can score a few goals. (The number of goals I’ve gotten in the year? 2. Probably the lowest of the lot.)

Yes, it’s my first year, and yes, my team’s going for the premiership. Yes, I’m a rookie whose not-really-rookie team has made it through all the way.

So today’s going to be a very interesting game.